Dr Agnieszka Krzyzaniak

I enjoy presenting scientific and business content to diverse audiences. I am a creative mix of shaper and implementer: always looking to turn ideas into (pragmatic) actions.

Background: Biotechnology, chemical engineering
Currently: Senior research analyst and research dissemination expert
Interests: Communicating research impact, sustainability, circular economy, intrapreneurship

Agnieszka is responsible for the guidance of Arup’s research and dissemination of the research outcomes. Her responsibilities include development and maintenance of Arup Global Research, sourcing and delivering of commissioned research programs for internal and external clients, delivery of research agendas for Arup Business and Skill Networks, supporting Research Network Manager on internal and external relationship building. She is experienced researcher with the background in biotechnology and chemical engineering, with a focus on sustainability, bioeconomy and circular economy. She has a track record of sourcing the external funding, building research consortia, delivering consultancy and managing projects.

Agnieszka has been working in an international academic and commercial setting: her PhD research was funded by two Dutch multinationals, she worked for a Dutch engineering consultancy on projects in Belgium, Russia and Tunisia and in the UK she worked on a European project involving partners from Italy, Bulgaria and France. Since moving to the UK in 2014, Agnieszka has worked on a number of projects related to bioeconomy, including delivering business support to SMEs in East Anglia looking to develop bio-products, working with the University of Cambridge on nurturing entrepreneurship among biotechnology students, sourcing funding for collaborative research through the Innovate UK and ERDF programs. She has worked with a range of themes focussing mainly on the recovery of valuable compounds from the waste streams and turning organic waste into products.