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Global foresight manager

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Drivers of Change: Climate Change 2.0

Drivers of Change: Climate Change explores some of the key trends and issues shaping the future of climate change globally.


Issues around climate change are likely to impact the future shape of our societies, cities, businesses and markets for decades to come. Drivers of Change: Climate Change helps groups and individuals explore and prioritise trends and issues most impactful for them, to discuss possible challenges and solutions, and to get a broader perspective on the current and future state of climate change globally.

The drivers have been organised into five categories, or lenses, based on their main area of impact: Social, Technological, Economic, Environmental, and Political, collectively referred to as STEEP. Each carefully designed card depicts a single driver. The issues chosen for inclusion in this set of cards are the result of knowledge gained from research, interviews, workshops and interaction with our global network, as well as consultation with Arup’s broad spectrum of specialists. Drivers of Change is an engaging tool for cultivating relevant discussion about our global future, at a time when our changing climate is bringing new challenges around the world.

Drivers of Change: Climate Change 2.0 is due to be completed in time for the 2015 Paris Climate Conference – Cop21.


To be published in June 2017

Please contact us, if you are interested in learning more about Drivers of Change: Climate Change 2.0.