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Josef Hargrave

Global foresight manager

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Dr Jan Wurm

Europe Research Leader

Jan’s passion is the architectural engineering – the interaction between technology, building materials and structure and the architectural form itself.  His work on structural use of glass for the building envelope has made him an acknowledged and internationally recognized expert in this field.

Jan leads the Materials Consulting Business in Europe and since 2011 he is holding the Firm’s Research Portfolio in Europe.

Being an architect with a deep technical understanding of the building process and products, Jan has steered a number of successful innovative and award winning product developments collaboratively with industry partners. Examples are the unitised “BioBuild” Facade panel made of natural fibres and resins in collaboration with GXN Innovation and the “Bioadaptive Facade”, a system to cultivate microalgae to generate biomass and solar thermal energy that was first implemented in the BIQ House in Hamburg and received worldwide acclaim.

Dr Ricky Tsui

East Asia Research Leader

Hong Kong

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Dr Bree Trevena

Australasian Research Leader


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Ben Kidd

UKIMEA Research Leader

London, United Kingdom

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