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Josef Hargrave

Global foresight manager

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Our research covers a vast range of topics and areas of expertise across the built environment

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GRC Machine Learning: for the asset management of civil infrastructure

This team is developing an innovative approach to asset management, via a machine learning application that enables condition change detection…


Panoramic visualisation of marine and offshore assets

Owners, operators and regulators all have an interest in managing offshore and marine structures used in oil and gas production. Infrastructure condition must be…


Can drones transform surveying and modelling?

Accessible and accurate site data is essential to project development. Traditional spatial capture technology is based on CAD models, GIS data and satellite images…


Lighting and sports stadium atmosphere

Stadium designers aspire to better understand the impact of their designs on framing people’s experience within the stadium environment…


WeatherShift™: accessing climate change predictions

When designing infrastructure and buildings for the long term, in many climate zones it is no longer reasonable to only look to weather statistics and storm return periods…


Enhancing road safety by improving surface drainage

Working in collaboration with Transport Infrastructure Ireland (TII), the project objectives were to analyse data from collisions on the road network arising from…


Cities Alive: towards a walking world

With almost 70% of the world’s population expected to live in urban areas by 2030, the quality of urban life shall increasingly influence wellbeing…


Use of drones in façade inspection and design

Façade inspection using traditional techniques is lengthy and involves disruption to the area around the building. Access platforms must be set up, remain in place…


Digital Tide: envisioning the water industry in 2050

The challenges to the water industry in the coming decades are diverse and multi-faceted. The emergence of the competitive market in the UK will present…