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Josef Hargrave

Global foresight manager

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How will emerging technologies shape the future of the built environment?

Digital technologies are disrupting markets and challenging businesses to rethink how they operate, compete, and ultimately shape the built environment. Our researchers combine deep domain knowledge and new technologies to help solve some of our client’s most complex challenges.

GRC 2017: Machine Learning: for the asset management of civil infrastructure

This team is developing an innovative approach to asset management, via a machine learning application that enables condition change detection. The tool identifies defects with machine learning, and records the location, type, extent and severity, as well as length.

From design to operation, emerging technologies like AI and augmented reality are challenging our assumptions about the built environment. From Machine Learning to assess condition changes to using data analytics to earthquake proof a city, our research programme integrates cutting-edge technologies to create new experiences and services.  

DIMMER: district information modelling and management for energy reduction

Sensors, meters and actuators deployed across a city can facilitate understanding of, and help control, the energy chain including smart thermal energy systems and the electricity grid…

Photovoltaic toolkit for commercial buildings

As electricity prices in Australia rise, commercial building owners look to alternative methods for supplying electricity to their buildings. Solar photovoltaic (PV) generation has become a popular option as the cost of PV technology has reduced.

Optimisation tool for wastewater outfall locations

Wastewater discharges to estuarine and ocean areas have a significant impact on marine ecology and the coastal environment, as well as the potential to endanger human health if an outfall is poorly positioned.

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