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Josef Hargrave

Global foresight manager

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How can we meet the ever increasing demand for energy?

Population growth, economic development and mobility, urbanisation and the digital revolution are all increasing the demand for energy. At the same time, resource constraints and environmental factors are impacting energy security, economics and public policy. Our research is targeting these new challenges and developing novel opportunities in the energy market. 

Urban Energy

Arup is committed to finding solutions to decarbonise our energy system. In collaboration with the University of Cambridge and ETH Zurich, Arup is researching a linear optimisation approach to energy masterplanning – to develop low-carbon energy systems for developments and cities. Through the Hy4Heat heating innovation programme, our energy consultants are researching the use of hydrogen as a sustainable fuel to heat our homes.

How we generate, distribute and consume energy is becoming more complex as the world population grows. Our research programme is varied to help tackle the big challenges facing our clients, from distributed energy storage solutions to the management of offshore assets.

3ENCULT: energy efficiency for cultural heritage

Historic buildings embody a rich cultural heritage, but are often energy-inefficient and contribute disproportionately to greenhouse gas emissions.

Panoramic visualisation of marine and offshore assets

Owners, operators and regulators all have an interest in managing offshore and marine structures used in oil and gas production. Infrastructure condition must…

DIMMER: district information modelling and management for energy reduction

Sensors, meters and actuators deployed across a city can facilitate understanding of, and help control, the energy chain including smart thermal energy…

Photovoltaic toolkit for commercial buildings

As electricity prices in Australia rise, commercial building owners look to alternative methods for supplying electricity to their buildings. Solar…

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