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Josef Hargrave

Global foresight manager

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From low carbon vehicles to smarter transport solutions, what is driving innovation across the industry?

At Arup, we are committed to achieving a truly integrated transport system that meets communities’ needs today and in the future. Our applied research programme tackles the major questions facing the transport sector, from low-carbon transport solutions to demand management.

Urban Transport

Rapid population growth and urbanisation are increasing pressure on urban transport systems. Arup is researching the potential impact of autonomous vehicles in cities and using agent-based modelling to simulate urban transport systems to inform key decision-making. Through our Mobility Mosaic app, our researchers are tracking user travel behaviours to inform network changes, planning and updates.

From understanding how driverless vehicles will shape our cities to visualising user experience in airports, our research programme integrates cutting-edge technologies to create new experiences and services.

How will driverless vehicles shape our world?

Advances in control software, sensor technology, data analytics and computational power in collaboration with established automotive and tech companies are profoundly changing our transport systems and the way we use them.

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