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Josef Hargrave

Global foresight manager

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How can we better manage water – from the supply of clean drinking water to understanding flood risks?

By 2050, the global demand for water will increase by 55%, whilst half of the population will live in water scarce regions. At Arup, our applied research programme examines the whole lifecycle of water management to secure the future of water.

Water Management

The discrepancy between water supply and demand is rising, and our everyday activities impact the water cycles and ecosystems that surround us. Arup has teamed up with FrankWater to develop a toolkit to help NGOs in the water and sanitation industry. Through our research programme, Arup is using satellite imagery to assess flood risk by identifying land use and impact on run off.

With increasing demand and in a changing climate, shocks and stresses around too much or too little water are increasingly significant all over the world. From Machine Learning assisted flood modelling to working with partners to better understand water resilience in cities, our research programme takes a strategic approach to water usage and management.

The future of urban water: scenarios for water utilities in 2040

Water companies have traditionally been conservative in their approach to planning, with development plans covering 5- and 10-year timeframes based on published development growth plans.

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