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Panoramic visualisation of marine and offshore assets

Panoramic visualisation of marine and offshore assets

Focus Area

Energy, Water


Bridge and Civil Structures, Civil Engineering, Energy, Maritime





Panoramic visualisation of marine and offshore assets

Owners, operators and regulators all have an interest in managing offshore and marine structures used in oil and gas production. Infrastructure condition must be inspected and documented on a regular basis. Inspection reports are often the only means to review an asset, or receive as-is condition information. However, traditional report formats based on drawings and static photos may not be readily understood by stakeholders who have not visited the asset.

Arup has developed a digital panoramic visualisation tool that can be easily deployed to any remote location. The resulting panoramic images provide a record of the asset that is accessible, rigorous and readily understandable.

With this service, Arup’s clients have a powerful tool for visualising and documenting their marine and offshore infrastructure that is suitable for use by all stakeholders.

Key Findings

Arup’s Panoramic Inspect service offers owners of marine and offshore assets a set of digital tools that render high fidelity panoramic representations at an image quality suitable for general visual inspections (GVI).

The immersive digital imagery is presented in an intuitively navigable interactive format, either via a secure standalone system or a secure web-hosted environment.


Arup’ Panoramic Inspect can be used in the management of a wide spectrum of assets and infrastructure including:

  • Offshore fixed and floating platforms
  • Marine jetties and terminals
  • Onshore plant and facilities
  • On-site construction progress
  • Off-site fabrication progress.


This project applies the Arup Panoramic Inspect digital toolset, which already has a well-established record of service in the UK, to marine and offshore applications in North America.