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Josef Hargrave

Global foresight manager

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We tackle the big ideas shaping the built environment

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Our research remit is broad, tackling everything from the future of cities to the changing design of buildings. Our research methodologies include breadth and depth and combine design exploration, use inspired research combined with rigorous scientific methods. Read our latest research reports and publications below.

Research review: Issue 3. Connections

In this issue we challenge contemporary thinking and practice through research on sustainable futures towards a regenerative planet, digital engineering in the built environmental, and shaping livable cities where people come first.

Urban Energy

Arup is committed to finding solutions to decarbonise our energy system. In collaboration with the University of Cambridge and ETH Zurich, Arup is researching a linear optimisation approach to energy masterplanning – to develop low-carbon energy systems for developments and cities. Through the Hy4Heat heating innovation programme, our energy consultants are researching the use of hydrogen as a sustainable fuel to heat our homes.