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Energy research and development: Investment review 2018

Energy research and development: Investment review 2018

Dr David Gerber
Global Research Leader
+1 6177947367

With significant changes in the global energy sector, our investment in research is key to helping us support global commitments to renewable energy and smart energy solutions.
This review provides an overview of our investment during 2016–2018 in research projects across the energy sector. It highlights the breadth of energy research initiatives across many related disciplines, our external partnerships and collaborations, as well as outlining our approach to both present and future challenges.

The 2016–2018 research and development programme supported activities in all seven sectors of the energy spectrum:

• Oil and gas
• Nuclear
• Thermal
• Renewable
• Energy networks and smart grids
• Distributed energy and storage
• Energy demand and efficiency

Applied research at Arup is facilitated through our internal investment system, Invest in Arup (IiA). This platform is instrumental in supporting research applications, seeking critical commentary from employees, and tracking progress and achievements. We know that addressing the most complex energy challenges cannot be done in isolation and we look to
co-develop applied research with our clients and collaborators.