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COVID-19 series: Report on economic stimulus measures in Asia

COVID-19 series: Report on economic stimulus measures in Asia

Dr Ricky Tsui
East Asia Research Leader
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What can we tell from economic stimulus measures?

Unprecedented in scale and severity, the COVID-19 pandemic has hit many East Asian economies hard. To mitigate, governments have rolled out stimulus measures to support businesses and citizens financially. Some even take this crisis as an opportunity to drive digital transformation and infrastructure upgrades in efforts to reap long-term benefits.

​​​​​​​​​Published by EA Arup University, the Economic Stimulus Measures Report comprises data-generated insights on over 500 measures, categorised by industry and impact, totalling over US$ 2.5 trillion enacted by nine major Asian economies in the past nine months.

The quantitative analysis is complemented with qualitative evidence on government investment updates such as:

  • The ‘New Infrastructure’ plan in mainland China
  • Green energy targets in South Korea
  • Shifts of Build! Build! Build! focus in the Philippines

The report sheds light on investment-driven changes to take place, pointing the consequential business implications and opportunities for our clients and us.