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Josef Hargrave

Global foresight manager

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At Arup, we test and develop early stage or high risk technologies, methodologies, materials and ideas in real-world applications. Our researchers regularly work in partnership with universities, research labs and other businesses to bring together the best talent in the pursuit of technical excellence. Get in touch to discuss a research idea with us.

Academic collaborators

We engage with academic partners to support high-quality research that pushes the boundaries of the built environment. Explore some of our projects with academic collaborators

Industry partners

We work with industry partners to solve scientific problems and co-develop new technologies. Explore some of our projects with industry collaborators

Public sector

We collaborate with public sector organisations to address the greatest challenges of our times. Explore some of our work with public sector partners

Water Managment

The discrepancy between water supply and demand is rising, and our everyday activities impact the water cycles and ecosystems that surround us. Arup has teamed up with FrankWater to develop a toolkit to help NGOs in the water and sanitation industry. Through our research programme, Arup is using satellite imagery to assess flood risk by identifying land use and impact on run off.