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Josef Hargrave

Global foresight manager

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Research with us

Arup has spent more than 70 years at the forefront of the built environment design and engineering. Throughout our history, research has played a fundamental role in defining how we anticipate and leverage emerging business opportunities.

At Arup, we test and develop early stage or high risk technologies, methodologies, materials and ideas in real-world applications.

Research continues to underpin our ability to address client challenges across the public and private sectors. Each year, Arup engages more than 500 research projects with over 1900 Arupians involved. Our research portfolio showcases over 50 projects aligned to our six prioritised research areas.

How can we be better prepared for rapid urbanisation and the impact on cities?
How can we better manage water – from the supply of clean drinking water to understanding flood risks?
From low carbon vehicles to smarter transport solutions, what is driving innovation across the industry?
How will emerging technologies shape the future of the built environment?
How can we meet the ever increasing demand for energy?
How can we ensure our work is resilient to future challenges?
Digital twin: towards a meaningful framework

The potential value of digital twins across the built environment is enormous. Find out how a digital twin can help organisations make informed decisions about the design, management and performance of their assets.

Global Research Challenge

Our annual Global Research Challenge explores some of the world’s most intricate challenges, both present and future. From regenerative design solutions to complex adaptive systems, the challenge aims to foster innovation and exploration on global challenges.

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