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Josef Hargrave

Global foresight manager

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Global Research Challenge

Global Research Challenge

Our annual Global Research Challenge explores some of the world’s most intricate challenges, both present and future. From regenerative design solutions to complex adaptive systems, the challenge aims to foster innovation and exploration on global challenges.

We believe that multi-disciplinary collaboration is key to the successful exploration of these challenges. Each year, the Global Research Challenge is open to academia, industry collaborators and Arupians from around the world to submit their project proposals.

Digital Tide: envisioning the water industry in 2050

Learning from industry, academia and customers, we aim to shape this understanding and to focus attention on how digital technology can be applied to address current and future challenges of the water industry to 2050.

In 2019, our Global Research Challenge called for collaborative research proposals that explore the use of digital design and engineering processes to rethink the design of the built environment to be socially, economically and environmentally regenerative. The successful projects receive funding to deliver their idea within 1-2 years with measurable impact.

Previous challenge winners have explored a diverse range of topics, from mobilising healthy living, utilising drones in facade design, and managing thermal comfort in buildings.

Use of drones in façade inspection and design

Façade inspection using traditional techniques is lengthy and involves disruption to the area around the building. Access platforms must be set up, remain…

Toolkit for hazard assessment and adaptation

In a world with a continuously increasing urban population, much of it concentrated in coastal cities, the predicted rise in sea levels resulting…

Health and mobility – a design protocol for mobilising healthy living

Urban life demands significant transport and mobility infrastructure to enable everyday activities such as travel for school, work and leisure activities…

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